About the Partnership

The Sussex Mahidol partnership aims to open up a new field of cutting-edge research that investigates the transnational relationships between Europe and SE Asia that are driven by international migration flows. It is a collaboration led by the Sussex Centre for Migration Research (SCMR) in the School of Global Studies at the University Sussex, UK, and the Mahidol Migration Center (MMC) in the Institute for Population and Social Research (IPSR), at Mahidol University, Thailand.

In the first instance, the partnership aims to develop an infrastructure for conducting new research on migration flows between Europe and South East Asia with a special focus on topics in the migration field, including retirement, wellbeing, care, marriage and cultural interaction. Our approach is interdisciplinary drawing on insights from sociology, politics, demography, human geography, development and wellbeing. The primary aim is to generate a research framework and capacity to conduct new empirical research projects in the field of migration.

We envisage the partnership will entail regular exchanges of staff, students and knowledge between Sussex and Mahidol. Efforts will be made to draw on expertise from other research centres located in the two Universities with regard to our activities. Also we include engagement with NGOs and government bodies that work and campaign on international migration.

For further queries about the partnership, about our research, or making links, please contact Professor Paul Statham (paul.statham@sussex.ac.uk) at the University of Sussex or Professor Sureeporn Punpuing (sureeporn.pun@mahidol.edu; sureeporn.Pun@mahidol.ac.th) at Mahidol University.

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