International PhD program in Demography

Initiated in 1993, IPSR’s Ph. D. Program is designed to meet the needs for advanced training indemography. During its first decade, the program focused on training Thai researchers. Since 2002, ithas been open to interested applicants from other countries. All classes are conducted, and the dissertation is written, in English. It is the first international program in Thailand that provides doctoral – level training in this field.
Current population trends interact with dynamic global changes in the economy, technology, societyand health, heightening the importance of demographic sciences such as formal demography, social demography, business demography, medical demography, population and the environment, and epidemiological demography. The Ph. D. Program in Demography provides opportunities for professional careers in universities and international organizations, as well as a path to career advancement and collaboration both in Thailand and internationally.

For more information, please visit the International PhD program in Demography’s website.

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